Saturday, 24 July 2010

Old Warden

The UK airshow season is well upon us. Despite being in an "age of austerity" the selection of events taking place is impressive and no weekend goes by between May and October without an airshow or fly-in somewhere in the country. The sheer number of such events far exceeds those in any of our European neighbours, and to the best of my knowledge only the USA has more.

Above, a Tiger Moth leads the worlds last surviving Southern Martlet , one of only 6 ever built in 1930.

For the aviation enthusiast and photographer Old Warden offers a unique chance to see increasingly rare British aircraft types take to the air. This privately owned airfield is home to the Shuttleworth Trust which owns a truly impressive collection of rare vintage aircraft, many of which continue to fly regularly. They also have flying replica's of aircraft where the originals have either been long lost or are not capable of flight.

Above, quite possibly unique and maybe never to be repeated...the worlds only airworthy Gloster Gladiator and Hawker Hind in close formation.
Below, designed for competition purposes in 1924, the only ANEC II ever built, and one of the oldest airworthy civil aircraft in the world today.

The collection of aircraft is open to the public every day, however to see them fly, visit on one of the several flying days they hold throughout the year. For details go to:

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