Monday, 7 September 2009

A Beginning

After reading so many different blogs I decided to create my own. This is not exactly ground braking stuff, but merely a way for me to communicate to anyone who's interested my enthusiasm in all things that fly, not to mention my own occasional opinions on what's happening in my world, and the world in general. How this will develop remains to be seen!

I thought I would kick off with a couple of photo's of recent visitors to our garden:

A mysterious visitor? I am not actually sure what bird this looks like a bit like a Chiffchaff but the tail is too short.

Now this is definitely a Chiffchaff

This one has been hanging around since mid August. The behaviour is not unlike a Spotted Flycatcher. It sits on a fence and suddenly takes to the air to catch a bug and then returns to the fence, but not necessarily the same spot (in fact it seems to work its way along the fence). Photographing it was not easy as it's constantly on the move! It took me many attempts to get the above shot.

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