Friday, 25 September 2009

Whats flying over your head: 2

Just following on from my previous comments, yesterday saw a few "participants" flying over for the G20 Summit in Pittsburg. These included Czech and Italian Government Airbus A319CJ (corporate jet conversions of the standard twin engined A319 passenger aircraft) and a German Government Airbus A310 widebody aircraft. Now with so called "Green" issues on the agenda, and being ever concious of ones carbon-footprint one wonders if these people should have travelled by more regular means? Not that it bothers me, on the contrary, it mean't I got to see a few aircraft that are far from regular in the airports of the UK. But it is a little hypocritical to jump up and down and insist the Chinese (as an example) reduce their emmissions when a President/Prime Minister has flown 4,000 miles to the meeting in his or her own private airliner!

Yesterday also saw a reappearance of N54PA, the Learjet I mentioned. This time it was heading eastbound after making a refueling stop in Shannon. I wonder where its next stop was?

The images above show a Lufthansa Airbus A340 (left) and Delta Air Lines Boeing 767, both heading westbound towards the US or Canada.

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